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    Check out this ancient TC thread...

    It works, I just tested it on my P.

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    holy crap! that's awesome, thanks
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    Cool! Just to summarize:

    In Prefs choose Network then Options and View Log

    Enter ? to get all the available commands.
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    I bet this gets patched in the next rom updater

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    i was just thinking about looking for an app to do this!
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    tried this and got the white screen of lag for a loooooooooong time. Had to reset
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    What does it allow you to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    I bet this gets patched in the next rom updater
    I'll take that bet.

    This function has been the same for years.
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    type ? and you'll see the options
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    Great Discovery. Thanks.
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    i see the options but what do they do? what would be the ideal reason for using these functions? can someone adept in this area please elaborate futher? i would love to see what practical use these would have.
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    If anyone want a simple ping app, Mergic has a free one at the bottom of this page:
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    Quote Originally Posted by msSwitch
    tried this and got the white screen of lag for a loooooooooong time. Had to reset
    It sat there for me for a very long time, but I found pressing the green phone button (650) brought me back from the WSOD.
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    If anyone here does not believe in Murphy's Law, type showprgerr at this prompt and hit return.
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    Very cool...
    Not sure why I'd need it but it's nice to know .
    Maybe useful someday when the network is down at work.

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