I'm having trouble connecting to my ISP using my 650 (bluetooth) and my laptop (MacBook Pro). I want to "dial in" to earthlink - not using a data plan on T-Mobile. I've had this working before but for some reason it's stopped and I can't figure out why. I can dial in but everytime the sequence gets to the authorization point it disconnects. I'm sure I'm using the right user name and password.

I'm following the advise from this URL - http://captnswing.net/howto/treodun/ - but it seems to me that none of the scripts mentioned are right for me. Two are for 3G and the rest are GPRS. T-Mobile isn't 3G and I don't subscribe to high speed data.

As I said, this has worked before. I don't know what script I was using but it seems to me I need a Generic dial-up script. I can do this fine from my 650 (I dial-in to earthlink to get my mail on my 650 all the time). I know to set my bluetooth to DUN on the 650 when trying to connect from my laptop. The connection gets made. It just won't complete the connection.

Any help would be great!