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    I picked up a Q and have been using it with Goodlink. I like GoodLink but it has a few issues. I'm lukewarm on the Q, I think it's small size is a hinderance as well as the MS OS.. extremely cumbersome.

    The issue I'm having with GoodLink is that is uses it's own DB's for contacts (and others) that renders the Bluetooth worthless, since there are no contacts in the phone. Coming from a BlackBerry, I'd prefer to not to "tether" to sync too often. One other small issue with GoodLink is that I have to go "looking" for e-mail in other folders on the Q. It does not display all "new" messages in one place.

    I'm thinking a better alternative may be:

    1. VersaMail using ActiveSync to sync Calendar and contacts every three hours or so. (if that often)
    2. Chatteremail to get my mail in the "true push" manner

    I have no problem tethering once in a while to update the Notes app and my SplashID database.

    Is this a reasonable plan? I realize that AS can be a bit temperamental at times, but I don't really plan on using it for e-mail.

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    If you're company has Exchange ActiveSync enabled, you can use that to sync your calendar, email and contacts via VersaMail.


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