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    You know the alerts that u can pick from on the treo 700p for tasks and for when u use alerts

    Wake up

    I honestly hate them and i use tasks and versamail with sync with alarm very often, is there anything i can do to replace this file database. With all the things u can do with your treo i am sure u can do this as well, but i am just not sure how.

    Anyone have any ideas, or how i can compose my own midi files into a database to overwrite the exsisting ones

    thanks in advance
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    i guess we are stuck with these terrible tones.............
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    yea they do suck. you're right...
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    i was even looking around for 3rd party software to overwrite them, there are programs for everything, there has to be one to overrun these sounds
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    found replys on this post on how to add some
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    yeah thats a neat pack... i was more after some simple alerts, to use for text messaging, etc... but good find
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    u can use aac ringers for text messaging, those midi ringers are good for programs that u can not use the aac ringers for, like to do list alerts and versamail alerts

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