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    Reset when changing screen brightness

    On my Verizon 700p, with all of my software installed, my unit resets if I try to access the brightness control from either Option-P or Prefs\Power. So I am effectively stuck on full screen brightness. Has anyone else experienced this or found a work around? I am sure that this is a conflict with older software, but I just trying to get a head start on where to look.

    700p Brightness control changes

    When I soft reset while pressing the Up 5-way, I can adjust the brightness from the Prefs\Power screen.However, I just noticed that Option-P does not pop up a brightness adjustment slider, like on the 650, but instead cuts the brightness in half, like Shift-P did on the 650. Is there a way to get the brightness slider to popup like on the 650?
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    I think the reset issue was caused by using an older version of the skin program PalmRevolt. I was using .944b and the latest is .946b. I upgraded to .946b and am now getting the normal slider bar when using Option-P. However, on occassion, PalmRevolt crashes when entering Prefs. Therefore, I don't think that PalmRevolt has been fully tested with the 700p. By the way, I was using the Aqua Green skin.

    However, I still get the half brightness issues when I soft reset while pressing Up on the 5-way. That's odd that the Option-P behavior changes from normal mode and shift-soft reset mode.

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