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    I bought a sprint phone and a verizon phone. Both are blank in phone info screen except for the software. The sprint phone is showing -/1030/- and that's it. The verizon phone is similar with a -/102/- I believe. I tried to update these but it kept saying not compatable or something like that. Also when I try to get it to turn the phone part on it reboots. Any ideas? I've scoured around and haven't really come up with anything yet. Thanks
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    Wow, that's weird!

    Have the phones been programmed by Sprint and Verizon yet? Maybe that's the problem. Due to the consistency in the error, I doubt it is a bad memory chip. The updater is returning an error because it is trying to check the existing software version (or lack thereof) to the software contained in the updater to verify that you aren't bricking your phone, but since it can't read the software, it says it can't update it.

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