Having jumped back into Palm-land, I've found I'm a big frustrated in the mail client realm. I have reasonably searched this forum and googled the issues, but to no avail.

Played around with Chatteremail and Snapper, and they are too clunky for my needs, and the latter is, IMHO, too expensive for its utility. I mean, come on, $10 for IMAP support?

Anyway, I'm more or less happy with Versamail except for two things, that may have settings or hacks that I'm not aware of. . .

1. Versamail doesn't seem to quote replies, which is not only ugly to the recipient, but also utterly confusing. Is there a way to quote replies?

2. Versamail also doesn't seem to truly work with IMAP. . . at least in one particular area: in syncing the Sent items.

Any quick fixes or hacks on these issues . . .?