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    Resco Explorer shows a scheduled alarm and says its related to DateBK5 but there is no event in DateBK5 for this. I deleted it in resco but it came back.

    I decided to keep an eye on scheduled alarms in resco since I found that BugMe can use MP3's for alarms so now I have the wonderful soothing sounds of nature to wake up to via BugMe.

    But I don't want to be accidentally awaken by another alarm at 2 am or what ever since I seem to have scheduled alarms coming from events that do not exist in datebk.

    Any ideas on how to resolve these non existent events.
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    Untimed events must be processed nightly, and this is what you're seeing, as they don't have a specific alarm time in advance.

    It might even schedule the next days alarms in the night as well, so that the alarm manager isn't cluttered. In fact I'm pretty sure this is the case.
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    You were right it was an untimed event. I went in and set the default untimed events to 10am and it changed the alarm time. It was showing an alarm time of 23:55 before.

    But I'm still confused why its even there. It must have been a glitch. I deleted the closest alarm which was for the event on 8/15 and it removed the alarm of 7/31 from Resco explorer then I re-added the alarm of 8/15 in DateBK5 and it then correctly showed a scheduled 8/15 alarm in Resco.

    Thanks for your help. It is so much nicer to wake up to BugMe playing a violin concerto and not worrying about a postponed alarm going off in the middle of the night.

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    Does BugMe allow for random mp3's as alarms? I have butler and thats the one thing I wish he would incorperate.
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    It allows you to globally set 1 MP3 as the BugMe alarm sound. It won't let you set individual MP3s for several different alarms that run at the same time. And it won't let you set an alarm to a folder of MP3s where it would randomly pick one.

    Its not meant to be an alarm clock but its the only timer I have that plays mp3s.

    Does any one know of an alarm clock that does play MP3s?

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