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    Does anyone know if this receiver works on the Treo 700p, and with TT5? If not, or otherwise, do you have a recommendation for a good, cheap receiver that will? Thank you.
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    Works beautifully... my only issue is that if you start Tomtom with the bluetooth off, Tomtom will ask you if you want to turn it on. If you say yes, the 700p will reset. Exit the program, turn on the bluetooth, then restart Tomtom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluetieman View Post


    My treo700p will reset everytime I hit the agree button. Anyone having the same issue? what can I do?
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    works perfect for me, and as harvs said make sure you have bluetooth on before you start tomtom.
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    this is the second best app on the treo. the first is chatter mail. I've been using that combination of hardware and software since the 650 came out
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    I use the Holux GPSlim 236 with Tomtom 6 on my 700p. Works great!

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