Sorry I just need to rant about this:

So in today's episode, I got a Seidio 2400 battery last week. Last night I took it out of the charger (phone off) and left it nearby for an alarm this morning (as I've done before and done for a 1 1/2 years with a 650). Alarm worked but I noted this morning charge was down to 59%!

OK, later this morning tried to view some websites (after turning phone on) and it couldn't connect to any of them. But email seemed to connect. Turned phone off and back on, now websites connected.

Decided I should check if phone rings. Called it and it did but I have it set to vibrate then ring. It rang but didn't vibrate. That explains the calls I missed on Saturday when it was in my pocket! Tried settings but still wouldn't vibrate on a ring. After third call to the phone it started stuttering so bad on the ringtone that it was difficult to get it answer the phone (took around 4 seconds for it to actually answer). Soft-reset and it seems OK.

I've done the normal trouble shooting and hard resets before. But problems keep cropping back up. No hacks or ringtone managers, just a few standard apps and my data.

I'd rather have the random reset problem since at least then you know it failed. These random silent failures where features just stop working are a pain.

When it works, it's the best solution out there, but I'm getting tired of these issues. Maybe a firmware update will fix some of this but that remains to be seem.

For those that say the 700p isn't slower than the 650, we must have different devices. I get huge lags switching apps sometimes and frequently gets pauses within apps. I get pauses anywhere from none up to ten seconds to switch into Blazer from another app. I've been scrolling through text and had it pause for a second for no reason. I've convinced that it was something to do with EVDO. When the phone is off these pauses seem to either go away or minimize.

Sorry to vent, but the 700p has been much much worse than my 650 GSM ever was in reliability (at least as far as actually working!). I just wish I could pinpoint it down to something in particular but it seems truly random and not caused by anything third-party.