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    I have a client interested in an HP Deskjet 6980.

    This printer can use HP's BT450 Bluetooth adapter, plugged into the printer's USB port.

    Has anyone ever used a BT450 to print wirelessly via Bluetooth from a Palm device to an HP printer? I'm trying to figure out if this will actually work. I found a guide at HP's Website, mentioning that this should be possible.

    The guide points to PrintBoy, but I'm not sure if this software is actually required or not.

    Just trying to find out if anyone has actually done this?

    - Adam
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    A bit more on this... In looking over Bachmann's Website, it looks like they bundle PrintBoy with Belkin's Bluetooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter. This looks like a good deal, since they include the Palm & WinCE versions of PrintBoy with the unit. Otherwise, I think you'd have to buy both those separately.

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