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    One thing I loved on the Treo 600 was that in a DAILY view (my default calendar view) it would not 'wrap' your calendar items to more than 1 line. This allowed you to see as many items as possible at-a-glance. It was nice because, I sometimes want longer descriptions of items so that when I print my daily list from Palm Desktop I see the whole entry (WITHOUT also printing any attached NOTES) but on the small screen, I get to see as many individual tasks as possible.

    It would appear on the T700p that it 'line wraps' every item in the calendar, without giving you a choice. This means I either have to enter tham as short items intentionally and use NOTES, or see less on the screen and scroll up and down a lot. Any ideas?
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    Which daily view are you looking at? The one in calendar has an "Agenda view" that does one line entries for that days items.

    Try the agenda view. I think you'll like it.
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    Yeah, good call and I should have specified that I did play around with the Agenda View. That is nice, but the problem there is two-fold...
    A) It doesn't allow you to scroll to other days and even if you go to Day view and select a day it reverts back to TODAY in the agenda view, so you can't see a long list of one-liners like I wanted for anything but today, and
    2) It puts the untimed events on the right side of the screen for some reason instead of letting them spread out like the timed items display on the bottom

    Anyway, just a wish-list item if anyone from Palm reads this crap or if anyone knows of a third party app. that does what I want.
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    You should take a look TMP. It is simple, straight forward yet functional. Heres the link:
    Give it a go.
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