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    BtSync makes running HotSync sessions over Bluetooth easier. While the device is off, BtSync checks for other Bluetooth devices nearby periodically (30min to 4hours selectable), and if a preconfigured host (a PC running HotSync) is found, starts HotSync in either Local or Modem/Network mode. When no host is found, BtSync goes into sleep again. BtSync Demo is fully functional, except that it will run HotSync only once (you'll have to set the Interval again).
    Not bad for $10...probably cheaper than replacing the USB cable.....

    Tho resetting the interval certainly not harder than manually synching....if it automates some of the configuring hassles, would be well worth it.
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    I haven't use a USB cable since I got my Bluetooth adaptor. When I got the 700p, the very first sync with it was done via Bluetooth. Love it, though it is a bit slower.


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