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    A $9.95 upgrade available...see story here:

    Palm has discretely released a stand-alone version of VersaMail 3.5 for all OS 5 Palm devices. Both Windows and Mac OS installers are now available for download from PalmGear.

    Note that VersaMail 3.5 is indended for use and installation with the Palm Treo 650 smartphone, TX handheld, and LifeDrive mobile manager only. No other Palm devices are supported. VersaMail 3.5.1 currently ships with the new Treo 700p.

    An overview of Versamail's features can be found here. Aside from being capable of ActiveSync with Microsoft Exchange servers, Palm has not announced a list of bugfixes or upgrades from previous versions of VersaMail.

    The cost for the update is $9.99 and is dated July 6th 2006. Users low on available memory should note that VersaMail installs to RAM instead of being a ROM updater.

    Uncomfirmed rumors hint at VersaMail 3.5 being an installed component of the BlackBerry Connect service supposedly coming soon to US Treo users.
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    Cool, thanks for the heads up, bet its going to be even more buggy on other devices than on the 700p. That will make them look good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    A $9.95 upgrade available...see story here:
    Well, if it's part of the rumored BBC upgrade coming, that's good news as the current form of BBC seems broken for the 700P.

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    I wonder if it will solve the problems with autosync... if so, then it would be worth it.
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