Hi all;

I am a newbie, as I just got my T650 2 weeks ago.
My friend sent me a ringtone via BT after I register his cell phone in "trusted device". The file succesfully transferred (I forget the message).
However the new ringtone its not listed yet in the "Tone List" (Preferences>General;Sound&Alerts>Tones.

My question:
1. Where was the file transfered via BT is located now (phone memory or SD card?).
2. How can I make the new ring-tone viewable/listed in the "Tone list"?
3. Everytime I do transfer data via BT, does it defaulted to be stored in phone memory? Can I direct the storage location into SD card before the transfer?

Thanks for your attention and sorry if this is a repost.

Rgds, Viator