Hi all;

I am a newbie, as I just got my T650 2 weeks ago.
My friend sent me a ringtone via BT after I register his cell phone in "trusted device". The file succesfully transferred (I forget the message).
However the new ringtone its not listed yet in the "Tone List" (Preferences>General;Sound&Alerts>Tones.

My question:
1. Where was the file transfered via BT is located now (phone memory or SD card?).
2. How can I make the new ring-tone viewable/listed in the "Tone list"?
3. Everytime I do transfer data via BT, does it defaulted to be stored in phone memory? Can direct the storage location into SD card before the transfer?

Thanks for your attention and sorry if this is a repost.

Rgds, Viator