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    I've seen alot of people talk about zLauncher. What is it? Is it an important(essential) tool to have? Would it hijack the systems resources and slow my treo down???
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    ZLauncher is one of several third party launchers. It basically allows you to move an application out of main memory into a specific ZLauncher application folder, when launching the application, it copies the files to RAM, allows the application to run, and upon termination of the application, copies the application back to the ZLauncher application folder. That's the simple thing.

    ZLauncher has the capability of moving related and non-related files to main memory and back to the ZLauncher application folder. An example: a Java application such as KMaps and Java itself. In order for Kmaps to run, Java must be in main memory. Leaving Java in main memory when it is not needed uses memory, a most inefficient thing. ZLauncher allows the user to load Java and KMaps into its application folder, move both groups of files to main memory, launches the KMaps application, and at the termination of KMaps, it moves KMaps and Java back to the ZLauncher application folder on the SD card. This action saves you LOTS of memory.

    ZLauncher also has file management capability built in, though it is not quite as robust as some stand-alone utilities, such as FileZ. ZLauncher is also highly configurable.

    I have ZLauncher on my Treo 650 and 700p and have no complaints with it. With the 650, I have between 10-12mb available, not a bad amount considering that without it, the amount of free memory is 7mb or so.

    The launching of large applications (size and number of files) can take time; however, in most situations and with most applications, the time period is not significant. In my situation, the saving of memory far out weighs the length of time ZLauncher takes to move things around.


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