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    I was looking at the Treo 700p at the mall today and was considering getting one. Currently I have a Nokia 7610 with Cingular service which is pretty good here in SW FL. Anyway, I think Verizon is okay here also, but I'll to switch carriers and all that.

    Is it best to get the phone and plan at the local verizon store in the mall? Or is there a way to get a better deal online somewhere? I plan on switching my wife's pone and service also (probably get her a razor or something). So we are thinking the 1400 min family plan 89.99 with the PDA data 44.99 totaling 135.00 per month compared to our cingular bills at about 110 or so. I assume the plan cost is the same no matter where you get it, but what about the verizon phones?

    By the way, how is reception on the treo 700p?

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    I'd try and see how Sprint reception is in your area. Paying $45 for data on Verizon, IMO, is ridiculous, when Sprint offers the same data for $15 a month, $20 if you want unlimited picture messaging, plus Sprint gives you 1500 minutes for the same $89.99. (bringing your total bill to $105 if you go with Sprint) Also, I've been hearing that CompUSA has the 700p for $299 with a new activation, and Amazon has the Sprint Treo 700p for $250 with a new activation.

    Otherwise, if you decide to go with Verizon, Amazon has their 700p for $299 with a new activation.
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    Hello Gator and Welcome to TreoCentral! You have come to the right community if you plan to buy a Treo. The Amazon offer (best is $299 I believe) is here:

    I agree with Trevante and would encourage you to consider Sprint as a "phone" like this really almost *requires* unlimited access to the net in order to get the most out of it. I don't think you will regret it if the service is good in your area. There are a lot of "deals" on Sprint for a plan like yours. Though you are not an existing customer you might want to look at this thread for ideas on how to deal with them:

    Good Luck!
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    Remember, you get what you pay for. Verizon has a better and larger network, not just for calls but for EVDO data as well. I've read posts here that you will get better coverage and speeds with Verizon -- so the extra money isn't for nothing.

    My experience with Verizon has been top notch. I used to have Cingular, and was so upset with their horrible coverage, dropped calls, and customer disservice that I dumped them in favor of Verizon.

    You won't regret going to Verizon, at least from my experience. I had Sprint at one time too, before Cingular, and customer service was far better although the coverage wasn't much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorsactions

    By the way, how is reception on the treo 700p?

    The reception is choice... Remember, in the search for carriers coverage is first, pricing is second. If your coverage in your area or where you often travel is good for Sprint, you will save money. If not, Verizon is the way to go at a price that will lighten your wallet.
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    I switched from cingular to verizon wireless from a 650 to 700p and It is the best desicion I've made in a long time. The voice quality is 10x better and the data is "at least" 4x faster. I'm paying a little less for more minutes then I was on cingular, even with the unlimited data which, granted, is a bit expensive, but I can't complain on the service side. Its nice to actually be able to make, keep, and hear a call. I say yes!
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    Thanks for all the replies! You guys are great!

    Has anyone had any luck negotiating at verizon store? For instance if I can get the same phone on amazon for 299 why should I have to pay 349 if I directly from verizon?
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    Unless you are already a Verizon customer and cut a deal through Retentions, I doubt the Verizon Store will cut you any deals. You might as well just order from Amazon, of wherever you can get a good deal on the Treo.

    Remember, though, that a lot of us have had QC problems with our units. If you order from some unknown, you may have trouble exchanging it. If you didn't buy it from the Verizon Store, they won't exchange it for you for a brand new device -- they will tell you to call DTS (data technical support) who will then send you a refurb unit.

    Of course, it can't hurt to call your local Verizon store and ask them if they'll match Amazon's price. If they say yes, definitely post here!
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    I called around and the best I found was someone willing to offer some free accessories to make up for the $100 difference between the verizon retail price and amazons rebated price

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