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    I just bought the Palm bundle of Tomtom Navigator 5 + the GPS receiver. I followed the directions in the manual (incredibly!), then read many threads here. At the end of the session, I still can't get my 650 to connect to my GPS receiver. It always says "No GPS device!"

    I think I've done at least reasonable due diligence. I've tried everything I could find in the other threads:

    - I wait until the receiver locks on to the satellites to start Navigator.
    - I have deleted all other Bluetooth devices. (The receiver does pair correctly, with the passkey, and I can query it from Bluetooth.)
    - I upgraded the Navigator software to Rather shockingly, this brand new shipment from Palm had 5.0.2 or something ancient in it! The maps are ancient too - my subdivision is represented as trees, but it's been here for two years.
    - I've tried doing a soft reset, then trying Navigator.
    - I tried doing a power cycle reset.
    - I tried waiting about five minutes for it to connect.
    - I tried waiting about five minutes, THEN trying Navigator.

    I'm running on a Treo 650, unlocked, software version 1.20-ENA. The GPS lights are blinking orange (ie satellite lock), bluetooth fast blink, and power is green.


    - How to proceed?
    - Navigator says that the GPS driver is version 1.20. What's the current version? How do I update this?
    - How can I find out what the current versions of the maps are? I see that my Virginia map is version 567, but I have no idea what that means in practice.
    - What is the right telephone number to call to get support?
    - It appears that there's no current way to update the maps!?!?! (Tomtom's web site says that there is a new program coming Q3 2006.)
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    I assume you found this thread

    Did ya see the one about making sure BT beaming is ON.
    Did ya do the settings corerctly under GPS options ?
    Dees the Treo see the VBT devcie in teh BT section ?
    Did ya call TS at the joint ya bought the package at ?
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    Yes, Bluetooth is on. It has to be for me to correctly pair it, right?

    Yes, I have selected the tomtom bluetooth receiver in the Navigator options. I presume I want Tomtom's, right? ...

    Oh. Problem solved - despite this being a Tomtom package (really - the manual has Palm and Tomtom logos on it), this is some third party GPS, and one has to use the Third Party GPS selection. Once that's selected, it works fairly quickly. Definitely not obvious.
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    1. Bluetooth BEAMING as in business cards.

    2. Looks like ya got it.
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    If you have performed the steps above then go into TT5, it will say "No GPS detected"

    Go into the Preferences Menu and the GPS icon.
    Select "Configure"
    Select "Other Bluetooth GPS"
    Click "Done"
    On the GPS screen with the "Big Circle", press and hold the stylus on the "000 00 000" you see...doesn't have to be exact.
    What should happen is the Bluetooth menu should appear you just have to select your GPS that you paired previously. It will then activate!!!!!


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