I have had a Treo 700p (from Verizon, if that matters) for just a few days now. Past experience has taught me to carefully load my data from previous PDA’s and smartphones, so I have been researching each program for compatibility and the most recent versions before installing it. Even before I started loading third-party programs, I would occasionally notice that the phone would emit a short two-tone noise when the screen was turned off and it was plugged into the USB charge/sync cable. I checked the connection again and again, initially thinking that maybe there was some kind of short in the cable. Now, I am finding the phone making the same noises when it is disconnected and sitting idle on the table (yes, Bluetooth connectivity is turned off). Otherwise the phone works as designed.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I have a plan to do a hard reset and systematically reload my data in an effort to find any culprit, but I thought that I would pose this question publicly first. I might also ask it anyone knows of a chart that identifies what default tones for the Treo 700p mean. It would even be more helpful if such information included sound files so that I can correctly identify what I am hearing and what, if anything, that it means.

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Dr. Z.