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    So, I bought the Versamail upgrade from PalmGear because I wanted the contacts sync for my exchange e-mail account. Now, since installing the upgrade I am unable to get the Treo to even sync with my exchange account. I keep getting the following error - AirSAMSMEmail.c 2636 2 Invalid Folder Hierarchy Response. I've done everything that I can think of in terms of both researching this and attempting to correct the problem on the Treo - but I've had no success. Aside from the installation of the upgrade nothing has changed on the phone or on the server side.

    Any insights or possible solutions would be much appreciated.

    Specs: Treo 650 Sprint PCS - Versamail 3.5
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    Have you tried deleting your exchange account and setting it up from scratch?

    I think I had to do this when I upgraded to 3.5 on my GSM 650.

    VM is flaky about settings including timed Autosync.
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    I have - I've even uninstalled and reinstalled VersaMail 3.5. I haven't even set-up the Autosync settings yet.
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    Next I'd use Filez or if you planned ahead use Uninstall Manager to delete all unsaved and associated preferences. If you're using Filez, filter by creator ID. I don't recall which ID is for VM; can'y check now..tapping this out one handed while driving.
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    I finally decided to do a hard reset and luckily enough it seems to have for the most part solved the AirSam issues. Additionally, before the hard reset the splash screen with the About Versamail was still showing 3.1x and it is now after reset showing the new 3.5 screen.

    The only issue now is there seems to be some duplicate contacts on the Treo but not on the exchange server - any ideas on how to remove duplicates on the palm without losing any on the server?

    Thank you for your help!
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    try a program called "undupe"
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    I'd be willing to drop $9.99 for the upgrade to Versamail 3.5. But I'm afraid of introducing instability into what is otherwise a quite stable Treo 650?

    Any further feedback on the upgrade? Sounds like it was a bit of a hassle.

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