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    Im thinking of leaving sprint even with my Sero plan with 500 free added text and free nights at 7pm. I would be paying about $80 more a month with verizon between me and my wifes phones. Sprints ev-do coverage is spotty and even when im in it the speed sucks. When i had verizon in the past it was much quicker and i was never outside of evdo coverage, never. Im in central NJ near NYC, which is why im surprised sprints ev-do coverage here is so spotty. I also cant stand sprint CS anymore. I guess im just trying to justify getting verizon again when i ahve these great plans with sprint i miss good customer service, super fast ev-do, never missing phone calls. the $45 data plan kills me but might jsut be worth it
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    Sprint's coverage does not compare to Verizon's, data (EVDO) or voice. That is why Sprint's data plan is cheaper. You get what you pay for.
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    Youg et what you pay for about sums it up. I mean verizon pisses me off that theres no data discount with family plans, but i can get for $15 off the data with a core choice single line. oh well i guess i'll have to get used to the $150 bill before tax. I just switched :P i actually took a q this time around to play with but will mostly lilely exchange for a 700p again, hoping not to have the same problems i did with sprint.
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    You obviously can see who I am with...Coverage is the most important thing, then pricing fallows. I don't have issues with coverage where I am at, but if I did I would definitely jump ship, sell out, century 21 all the way.
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