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    My ActiveSync worked fine with my Exchange Server for about a month and then just stopped working. It still appears to login fine but after a few seconds of download I get an error message stating that I am possibly out of memory and shows the following error code: AirSAMStateMachine.c 1392 1223

    I've deleted almost all of the email on the Treo and checked my memory. It shows 49.6M free (out of 62.8M) on the Treo and I've also got a 2GB SD card so I don't believe memory is the problem.

    I've been using ActiveSync on a 60 minute sync schedule versus using IMAP push because it's able to sync contact, calendar, task, and memo data versus just email(?) for IMAP.

    Would appreciate any suggestions... Thanks!
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    I had this same error and saw your post. I finally found what my problem was based on this thread. I know it's many months later, but in case someone just comes to TC looking for the answer, here's the link.

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