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    I used to play WorldWar on my Treo 650, but it doesnt seem to work on my new Treo 700P. can someone recommend another game like risk?
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    Try aggression ( Good risk type game. It can take some skill to control because there is such much tiny stuff to click on.
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    Boy, when aggression first came out a couple of years ago I was really excited. I loved it. Only, I have gotten to the point where I can't loose. So I was really anxious to see the newer AI model promised 2 years ago. Promises, promises. But no code.

    I paid for it. Still like it. But there have been no updates as promised in years. Someone should buy it and do some work on it. Great and cool game. But it needs some updating.

    Also, I am having button issues with it on the 700p. Basically, it is confused as to which hard button is which. I'm sure they will fix it with an update. lol

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