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    Continuing jamesgangut's ROM Update tips and trick, [HTML][/HTML] I think it would be great if we make a list of any third party software that run stable on ROM.

    From what I've done, here's the list:
    - BackupMan 2.03
    - Bible+ 3.20
    - BrainForest 3.03
    - CardReader 0.97
    - CardReaderMgr (from CardReader 0.97)
    - CoolDA 1.65
    - CostControlData 1.32
    - CostControlVoice1.12
    - DailyQuote 2.0
    - DALauncher 5.1b4
    - DAMemoPad 2.42
    - Documents.prc (from Doc2Go 8.003)
    - EasyCalc 1.23
    - HandDee-SA 1.01 (Spektrum Analyzer)
    - HandyShop 2.9b
    - Handzipper 1.21
    - KBLightsOff 1.21
    - LaunchPAD 2.0.0217
    - LEDOff 0.2.3
    - McFile 2.2.b4
    - PalmRevolt 0.946b
    - Quote2day
    - RamDrive 1.04.125
    - RamSlotDrv (from RamDrive 1.04.125)
    - RescoExplorer 2.70.1
    - RepliGo 2.0
    - Slap 1.67
    - SlovoEd 4.14b12
    - SnapCalc 5.6
    - SnapperMail 2.30
    - TealAlias 1.22
    - UnInstallManager 3.0

    Not Stable:
    - GrxViewer (no icon)
    - PTunes 1.5 (causing reset)
    - CallRec 2.0 (can't record when put on ROM)
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    ZLauncher (with a ZL Theme)
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    Agendus Pro v11
    Agendus Mail v5
    Cleanup v1.0
    SplashPhoto v4.4
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    - PowerOne Scientific 2.0
    - p1SciLib (from PowerOne Scientific 2.0)
    - PalmaryClock 3.02

    Not stable:
    - 2Day 1.51
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    Dear Abe,

    Could you help us with the software version, please? Thank you sooooo much.
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    Anyone have tried to place Java for Palm on ROM? As we all known this Java problem is very annoying after we hard reset the Treo650. It just can't run well if we just restore with BackupMan from SD. It always need to be reinstall from PC

    By the way, I'm gonna try this one on next weekend days.
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    I managed to put Java Launcher, Exchanger, and Keystore in ROM, with
    no problems. Java VM, Midp Bundle, and MidP Options stay in RAM. J9secpol also goes in ROM if you like ... I think it's the little fix that makes it so you don't have to answer yes every time an app asks permission to connect. I tried putting the
    large Java files in ROM but it didn't work ... at least for me.
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    Sorry about ya go...

    Filez 6.8.3
    PocketQuicken 2.5.1 (build 0134)
    TakePhone 6.50_124
    Xiino 3.4.1E
    ZLauncher (with a ZL Theme) 5.41
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    It's ok, Abe. Just thought that this is could help other to know which version is stable. Thank a lot, Be. Really appreciate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drensin
    I tried putting the
    large Java files in ROM but it didn't work ... at least for me.
    Ouw... too bad isn't it? But thank you anyway for sharing your experience, drensin.
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    Abe Frohman? The sausage king of Chicago?

    Sorry, just had to do that.

    Anyway, I thought we were suppposed to keep as little out of ROM as possible, so we have a larger DBCache (I could be wrong with the name!).

    Oooo, idea... Since the smallest we can get is 7.1MB, can we load it up to 7.1, or is it still better to leave it as empty as we can?
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    Mine is only 300kb left, but 2day is 6th day and no reset at all So strange, isn't it? By the way I'll read more info about DBCache matter, may be next weekends.
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    Anyone tried to replace Palm original Find software?
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    VolumeCare causing constant resets when in ROM (latest version and previous couple versions).

    Pocket Tunes also causing constant resets (latest version).
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    This DBCache is really confusing I tried doing a custom ROM and taking everything possible out and not adding anything and still had problems here and there... Now have loaded almost as much as possible (500kd left I think) and am running smoother than ever (knock on wood). I have an ENA ROM w/ 8.4bm partition and with as much as possible in ROM I have 15.4mb free on the phone. It really seems to be a phone by phone issue... Kinda like how some people go through 5 650's to find 1 that works for them... LOL, gotta love it...
    Ed, don't know about Volumecare, but PTunes has problems unless you use the older version (3.11 I think...).
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    Not happy to hear that 2Day 1.51 isn't running stable as I've recently loaded it - just did a hard reset & complete fresh reinstall the other day. No problems with it as of yet.

    I am curious about the mention of VolumeCare. I had a bunch of resets (including a loop) where a 377 did tell me VC was the culprit, though the times I crashed, I was launching a game off the card (no games loaded now, but I do have VC on Vers.5.46 which I'm told is the one the 650 needs to be running).
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    Hi all, I experienced that Memoplus 4.18 sometimes cause a reset but not always.
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    I lost my previous Java installer and tried to download again from, but I found that it only contain 2 file, that is JavaVMMidp20.prc & JavaVMCheck_enUS.prc, different from what you got. Please advice where I can get one like yours. Thx.
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    I installed on this February CardExport2 v2.20.761, Filez v6.8.3, MemoryInfo v1.1, VoiceDial with VoiceDial68K v2.0 and I have had stable Treo since. When I hard reset the Treo I do not have to reinstall VoiceDial.
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    That's a good new for the voicedial users

    But for card reader purpose I suggest CardReader instead of CardExport.
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