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    I'm curious. Why does the orange LED blaze just about every five minutes or so? Seems to really drain my battery, though my PDA isn't doing anything.
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    Interesting. There's nothing in the Treo700p users guide about an orange or amber LED condition.
    Per the Palm Knowledge Base article on the Treo650 this means:
    • Solid amber
      Active application is on in the background, but the screen is off. Remember, background applications draw some power; if left unattended, any process can run down your battery.

      Verizon Wireless note: Solid amber indicates you are on an active data call, whether the screen is on or off.
    • Blinking amber once per second
      Wireless mode is on, but you're not in a mobile coverage area.
    • Single amber flash
      Indicates a number of temporary conditions, such as detaching from data network or detaching from mobile network.
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    I think when the orange/amber light glows, there's some transfer of data, but why? I'm not doing anything and I'd like to turn whatever this process is, off. I live in the mountains where a connection can be difficult, but short of turning the phone off (which works, obviously) is there a way to stop the phone from seeking a data connection when one's not needed?

    I should note that when the orange goes on, the green arrows on the screen are also active, which doesn't make sense, if I'm not browsing or something.
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