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    Just saw this listing and its fresh thinking of using buy it now to get all the accessories and get my wife a treo. Think i can hold out for a better one?
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    I see that it's a Sprint phone so I'm assuming you're either Sprint customers or are willing to go with Sprint. Read the retentions threads and other new purchase threads either here or in the CDMA section. You can do better. You can probably get your Treo for somewhere around $300 and, even if the extra chargers and cables came to $200 (which they don't), you'd still be doing $100 better than that ad, before shipping.

    My 2 cents' worth.
    Sprint 650 --> Sprint 700p
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    I went ahead and got it through Sprint, no discounts available, I got it through Sprint for the "just in case" thing and the 30 day money back thing...anyway, after the first day of bunches of resets for 2 hours, it has really been behaving itself. I have no complaints with it at this time. Ben

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