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    My 650 (GSM Unlocked) connects to the Cingular data network as soon as the phone is turned on and stays that way all of the time. I am thinking this is the reason my battery is draining so quickly.

    Here is some software I am running:
    Chattermail (Mailbox offline - I manually pull email)
    Express - No automatic downloads
    Mergic VPN - connects manually
    I have the time set to not automatically update.

    Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can stop it?

    Thanks for your help.
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    That's the wonderful thing about an "always on" device. Love it! My Treo 700p, 650 and 600 are always on the data network. Now, what to do. Have you looked at Profiles? There are bunches of applications out there that control the radio at specific times. Ben
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    To eliminate Chatter you can go to the menu and select "shutdown & disconnect". This should kill chatter untill you go back into it. (since you are manually pushing you might have to select "reset connections to start it back up")
    I am not sure about your other programs though.
  4. #4 did you get Mergic to work? I was under the impression the Cingular routers dropped PPTP VPN packets...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode did you get Mergic to work? I was under the impression the Cingular routers dropped PPTP VPN packets...
    On MEdia they do.. PDA Connect is a real IP and VPN works.
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    Yeah, but that's ridiculous, the only difference is that there is no NATing and therefore all ports are active. That is even simpler to setup than MEdiaNet, how can they possibly justify charging more?!

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    Well, no.... If they have a million customers NATed, they can do that from 16 IPs, give or take. A real IP obviously would need an IP per client.

    I'm sure there's nowhere near that many on data at once; but you never know these days.
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    I have set my device for always on internet. And its great press the hard key and whola its there no waiting to connect. And i fetch my email every 15 mins.
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    Well seeing as how Cingular will sell 28 addresses for $84/mo, it can't possibly be that they are trying to cover the expenses of getting their IPs...

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