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    sorry if this is a dumb question but i've looked through all the manuals and can't find anything.
    Is there a way to tell if im on sprints high speed power vision or just their normal vision? On cingular it used to show EDGE.
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    On Verizon, there is a small green icon on the main phone app page...if you are on EVDO, it says "EU", and if you are the slower network it says "1X".

    Not sure about Sprint, though.
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    yeah I was kinda wondering the same thing. At the top of my treo I see the triangles for EVDO but they are gray and I think I remember that they are supposed to be colored and moving right? How do I go about fixing this? Also I downloaded the free trial of Chatteremail+ and when I'm prompted to sign up for the free email address it says that the phone could not connect to the data network. And that the signal is too weak or the phone may be roaming. any suggestions? thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
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