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    Ok, So I got so frustrated with the 650 late last year that I sold it and bought a Palm TX and a Razr. Well, I have grown tired of carrying 2 devices (I knew I would) and have now purchased a 700P hoping for a better experience. My question is I now have a new company laptop with nothing for the Treo installed on it yet. If I just transfer the sd card from the Palm TX to the 700P am I asking for trouble from the get go? Or would I be better off transferring just the programs over that I need?

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    i would say check if the software is supported for the 700P. check the websites of the programs that you use. there are some that work, and may not be officially supported, but try those after syncing your device so that you can restore, if the software causes reset loops.

    Good Luck
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    The safe thing to do is to change the name of the Backup directory in your Palm User directory, and install the programs one by one.

    That being said, I just restored from a RescoBackup from my 650 onto my new 700p and it works fine. YMMV.
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    I might have done the same thing at some point but NONE of the stand-alone PDAs have a keyboard. I simply can't use grafitti or the on-screen tap keyboard.

    no keyboard = no show.
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