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    I may have discovered a bug in the 700p SMS software -- I would appreciate if someone on this forum would help me troubleshoot. When I send a SMS text message > 160 chars, the 700p sends it as two ore more separate SMS messages (each being 160 chars or less). Well, this doesn't work.

    When I send a <160 char SMS to anyone, it gets through fine. If I send > 160 chars as multiple SMS, they never get through to another carrier -- however, another Verizon subscriber gets it just fine, and I can also receive the message if I send it to myself.

    From AIM on my desktop, I can also send a SMS by sending an IM to +1[7 digit phone number]. When I do that to my Treo, and then reply with a SMS >160 chars, the SMS comes through as garbled text that looks like some kind of weird binary translation:

    bv hF0$f 1;a4HAbv hF0$f 1;a4HAbv hF0$f 1;a4HAbv hF0$f 1;
    a4HAbv hF0

    Does anyone know what's happening? I have SMS enabled on my account, talked with a Tier 3 support person who said everything is configured correctly on my VZW account, so I can only think that it is a bug in the Treo software that scrambles SMS messages >160 chars which then results in them not being received or rejected by the destination server.

    Anyone have this problem, or know of a workaround?
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    To me, it sounds like a problem with the "gateway" between carriers, if your Verizon sms's are getting through to other Verizon customers.

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    The reason I suspect a Treo software bug is that a short message (up to 160 chars) gets through to other carriers just fine -- it's only when the Treo SMS application splits larger messages into multiple smaller messages that they get scrambled.

    When splitting up larger messages into multiple smaller ones, does the Treo SMS application interact differently with the VZW messaging server that may be causing the scrambling of TXT messages?

    This is very confusing, and very annoying. Thanks for the help on this.
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    You can send a text message over 160 characters? Maybe it's a Verizon thing? I have Sprint, and my Treo limits my typing to 160 chars. I'd have to manually send two messages.

    Receiving works the same as yours - it gets split into 2 messages by the server, though I've noticed it's less reliable that way. (sometimes the second takes forever to show up)
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    Yah, I can compose a long message and the Messaging application shows it being sent as more than one message. For instance, if I type a 200 character message, it says "200 chars / 2 msgs" and I presume that the software splits it into two messages. But these "split" messages never reach an outside carrier.

    Very frustrating. VZW is telling me "this is an enhanced SMS feature, which we do not support on the Treo 700p" which makes no sense. If the software is sending it as 2 messages, how is this enhanced? I am just so confused... my software lets me do something, but Verizon says they don't support it and that I have to manually not go over the 160 char limit.

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    The fact that you can send longer than 160 character messages to fellow Verizon customers makes me suspect it's a gateway thing. The other carriers may not all allow longer than 160 character sms's. I had this problem with T-Mobile once (I'm a T-Mobile customer) and I was able to send long sms messages to fellow T-Mobile customers, but not Sprint customers. I asked T-Mobile to investigate, and sure enough - it was a gateway problem. It was fixed within a day and a half. So - ask Verizon if their gateway is functioning properly.
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    The word from Verizon is that the Treo 700p does not break up longer messages into distinct, separate SMS messages, but rather sends the data in chunks along with coded links from one data chunk to the other. For Verizon, this type of message is considered an Enhanced SMS (EMS) message, and EMS messages are not passed on to other carriers -- their gateway simply doesn't know what to do with them and throws them away. After each discrete data chunk (presumably 160 chars), the gateway looks for some kind of a wrapper or end code, but with these longer messages, there are links between the data chunks and only one wrapper at the end of all of the data chunks. The gateways aren't programmed to look for a wrapper beyond the first 160 char chunk.

    So from what I was told, it sounds like a limitation on their gateways -- these types of messages work fine among VZW subsribers, but not to outside carriers. I asked several times if it could be a gateway configuration problem, but was told no, it is specific to this type of message that does not work on VZW gateways.
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    I have a similar problem but am a Verizon user - and I think it may be worse than discussed here. I stumbled onto the functionality of splitting SMS messages when they went over 160 characters. Then I noticed I wasn't getting delivery confirmations from the Verizon recipients that I would attempt to send these split messages to. A call confirmed that they weren't arriving. But - here is where it gets worse - after my first attempt I was unable to send ANY messages to the same recipient (my girlfriend using a Verizon Treo 650) for atleast an hour. I was able to replicate the error, though I was able to send text messages to other Verizon customers. I waited more than an hour for the condition to "clear" before rebooting HER Treo 650. After I rebooted HER phone, all my text messages started going through. These are two Verizon phones, my 700p and her 650, in relative proximity, therefore in the same cell. Neither phone has any third party apps related to SMS, or any hack-like programs. This programming glitch seems to do something NASTY to the relationship between the carrier (Verizon) and your recient if your recipient is using a Verizon Treo 650.
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    You can send it as an MMS message and it should get through fine to all carriers that have an MMS gateway between VZW. I think your limit on these messages are a couple of a couple million characters. :-D
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    I suspect it may be a bug in how the Treo Messaging application breaks up the SMS message. From what Verizon told me, it doesn't truly break it up into independent messages, but rather sends it as a single data stream with links to multiple 160 char segments. Normally each SMS has a digital wrapper -- a beginning and end tag of some sort -- and the Treo should be breaking the messages up into separate 160 char message, each with its own wrapper. But in actuality, the Treo sends a single data stream composed of linked data chunks, with one wrapper for the entire data stream. This type of message is recognized by the Verizon messaging router as some form of "enhanced" SMS, and sends it along to other Verizon subscribers (although, in your case, with some difficulty), but won't send it to other carriers for some reason.

    I tried to get as far up Tier 3 in Verizon as I could, and kept getting the same response -- that their gateways don't support this type of intercarrier messaging as far as sending from the Verizon side. I sent a support request to Palm to find out exactly what's going on -- I don't expect a response, but I do think it is a bug in the Messaging app that is not properly splitting the messages. If it properly split them into true individual SMS, we would not be having this issue.

    Keefer, have you tried sending a long message to yourself? Does it come through quickly? Can your girlfriend send a long SMS to herself and to you? Is it only on your side that problem exists? I've read in other threads of problems with how the Treo sends SMS, sometimes causing a backlog of messages or other quirky behavior.

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