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    I got a chance to play with a 700p at sprint today (mine is in the mail)
    I am wondering what is different between the sprint and verizon offerings?

    My main concern is the WEB
    On the sprint there is an "on demand" icon, under which are news and sports etc. I really liked this feature and I was wondering if it existed on the Verizon 700p as well.

    Also does Verizon have anything like "sprint tv"? This was a fun feature.

    I noticed "Plam" sells the sprint for 649$ and the Verizon for 619$. I startd to think this might be due to sprint having more/better software. Is this the case?
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    I think the price is just Sprint phones tend to be higher than Verizon.
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    I would like a copy of on demand for my VZW 700p, too

    but I'm pretty sure its a sprint service...
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    I think the On Demand software is the same as Express on VZW. At least that is what I saw between my V700 and my friend's S700.
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    On Demand and Express are virtually the same program. Express on Verizon has a few free services, or you can pay the yearly fee for all of the features.
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    This may sound a bit trivial, but I really enjoy the TV guide feature on Sprint's onDemand. Does anyone know if I would be able to find a well integrated program similar to this for VZN, assuming it does not come bundled with Express.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsRandall
    I think the price is just Sprint phones tend to be higher than Verizon.
    Verizon is the No. 2 carrier in US....tho No. 1 in CDMA arena....Sprint therefore tends to be a bit more aggressive in the bonuses and rebates they give for signing up for a 2 year contract.
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    Yea I always thought Sprint phones were cheap compared to Verizon.

    I'm also looking for a good TV guide program for the Palm. I like the one in On Demand but not enough to pay monthly for it I wish the mobile TV Guide website still worked.
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    I was talking full price that Verizon phones are CHEAPER....Example the Sprint 6700 is full price $599.99 whereas the Verizon version is $399.99 both are $299.99 when it comes to new acts. The 700p is $649.99 for Sprint and the $499.99 for Verizon, both again are $399.99 for new acts.
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    Looking at the website it seems that what you're looking at is the price of the phone with contract, not without.
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    Do you have Sprint? Beacuse TV guide is included in my on Demand for free through them. Although I do have power vision and maybe this is why.

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