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    Came across any annoying problem today. My 700p doesn't seem to use the microphone in my (wired) headset when it is plugged in. Instead, it uses the Treo's internal mike. It still happily sends the output sound to the headset.

    Is this normal? Its extremely annoying because I can't use the mike mute button anymore, and because the Treo is generally farther away from my face so I have to talk louder.

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    my 700p is not picking up the mike on my wired headset either. I had the Seidio 2-in-1 headset, and the cord was frayed, so i thought it was the cord, but i bought a new bodyglove headset, and it's mike isn't being detected either. Very frustrating. I am trying to save the money and headaches of recharging a Bluetooth headset, but so far no go with the corded headsets.
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    maybe this can help. I lost my palm headset and while trying others out i figured out that other stereo headsets dont work with treo 700 cause they are wired differently. what i did to fix it was i cut the cable and rewired it. the change that fixed it was swaping the suposed audio leeds. (red and white). in order to splice the wires I had to burn the exposed wire with a lighter inorder to melt an invisible coating that didnt alow the signal to flow.
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    i tried calling the united airlines voice activated flight info number a bunch of times, and it seems that after plugging and unplugging the headset a few times, the 700p is learning how to use the mic on the headset, so keep playing with it, it may fix itself!
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    Is anyone having a problem with the stock headset that came with the 700P?
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    Is there anybody out there that has a wired headset that works? Maybe BSMann and I both just got defective units?
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    Mine has worked perfectly since day one (June 21). Quite a few positive comments from people that couldn't believe I was on both a cell phone and head set.
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    mine works well. now... only if palm was nice enough to give us a 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter that has a mic attached... all the slvr users get one =(

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