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    1. Vemode video encoder FREE. Install.
    2. TCPMP movie player FREE. Install the MPEG 4 video codec and the mp3 audio codec also.
    3. Plug a DV camcorder (AV IN setting) DIRECTLY to a VCR and record the movie. I can't get it to work on a DVD player (any suggestions).
    4. Download the recorded movie to PC via Windows Movie Maker or software of choice.
    5. Encode the movie via Vemode.
    6. Drop it on an SD card in a Videos directory.
    7. View via TCPMP.
    I easily copied four KILLER Hollywood blockbusters on a 2GB SD card.
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    Actually I just jam them down my SD card slot. Works great!
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    i have not used my vcr in years, i dont even know where it is. lol

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