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    I need help with internet. I was told to download ibm java and opera browser by alltel. opera always freezes and I have to soft reset. if I try to download it tells me it is too large. I am told I should use firefox.?. it says the same thing if I try to download that. I wasn't told untill after I downloaded opera it doesn't work with versamail. I have a gmail account and I just want to be able to use the internet I pay for. in google it says I need a fully supported browser. what are they talking about I thought that is what I downloaded! arghhh! please somone tell me what I need to do from the beginning so I can actually enjoy using this phone! alltel google and opera won't respond to my emails.
  2. #2 far as I know you have to download from your PC and sync to your phone. Why are you trying to download directly from your treo? Treos are not capable of doing that! It's a pda phone. Not laptop.
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    Blazer doesn't work? It's the little icon that says "Web".

    And can download directly to the Treo. You actually sync things?! I just download everything directly to my phone and backup to an SD card...

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    yeah I know you can download both ways. blazer does work but it is very slow... I am told if you use another browser it is faster. when opera works its pretty fast. do eitherof you use a different browser? why do websites like google etc. tell me I need a better browser to view them better??? why does my phone tell me everything I try to download requires too much? just a few of the questions that no one can seem to help me with.
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    stick with Blazer - as you are learning, Opera is not stable. Nuke the IBM Java too - takes up too much room (you have a good uninstall program, right? - very important). OK, most of the popular web sites have PDA/Mobile versions but you have to search for them. For Google - is the mobile version. Come back here on your Treo via and you will see a link that says "links". There are some PDA friendly sites there. Also try using on your Treo - go there and then enter a web site address and it will "fit" it to your Treo. I also like and - two other mobile portals with losts of good links.

    Also - READ the sticky's here at the top of this forum - you would find answers to all of these questions and more if you take some time to read. I am helping out cuz of the "mom" in your name!
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    Before nuking Java, have you looked at using a 3rd party launcher? I have java on my 65 and 700p and with ZLauncher, I have bunches of free memory. Ben
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    SD cards are your friend

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