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    Quote Originally Posted by King
    How is the "glare factor" for the new martin fields screen protectors? The one I'm using from Palm is difficult to see in bright light.
    The glare is not bad at all, I just got mine recently and am loving it so far.
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    Where can I purchase the Martin Fields in the US?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rriehl
    Where can I purchase the Martin Fields in the US?
    I just ordered from their website ( and had no problem at all.
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    As I have said for a few years now, Martin Fields are the schiz.

    I think you can only buy from the website. (or; same thing.)
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    The MF's have been good to me and soon to be applied on my treo 700WX !

    Pricey but worth every penny. So clear you will not remember it being there after you apply it.

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    i think the easiest way to apply the boxwave screen protector to get a perfect fit/no air bubbles is to actually wet the protector a bit on the side that sits on the screen.....and I mean just a bit. Once you put on the screen protector, you can use the little card thing it came with to push out all the air bubbles. It will be much easier since there is a *little* bit of water on the screen protector, so the bubbles should all slide out. It wont look perfect at this point, since there is still water underneath, so the screen wont look perfect. Wait a few hours for it to dry, at which point it should look pretty darn good!

    It would be best to do this with the phone off, just in case you apply too much water and it gets inside. If this happens, I would leave your phone in a warm place to let it dry out to be safe before trying to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackS4 View Post
    I originally bought a 3-pack of Smartphone Experts Treo Screen Protectors from Palm Infocenter but as it was my first smartphone, I pretty much screwed up each of them so they weren't perfect. The last one I put on was on 95% perfectly except for one edge.

    That wasn't good enough and I bought a pair of the Martin Fields ones. I carefully put on the first one and it is SO MUCH CLEARER than the other ones. The screen is noticably clearer and better looking. I HIGHLY recommend these.

    Have a good one guys,

    I just ordered some for the 700P and my UX180P. I will post my thoughts once I get them.
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    Ok.. I got a Martin Fields screen protector. It does look clear. Around the same as Boxwave clear. It does seems to be less stiff, so it lays flatter against the screen of the Treo 700p. I had a problem with the Boxwave protectors getting bent on the corner and not sticking.

    The bad:
    -Installing this thing was very hard.

    First, there wasn't a tab to separate the screen from the protective cover. The was a little tab telling you to remove it, but it was stuck in the center of the screen protector, not on the edge. So you can't use the tab to separate them. I had to use a utility knife and it was very hard to do. I guess if you have fingernails, you might be able to do it without a knife.

    I ended up getting some dust on mine when I installed it. Mostly due to messing around with getting the cover off. I could find any good tape to pull the protector off. The scotch tape that I have wouldn't lift the protector off. It also would not remove any dust particles like they show in the installation video. Is there some special type of tape you need for this?

    I ended up washing the thing, and trying again. I still ended up with a few big pieces of dust. It was very frustrating. I didn't have these problems with the boxwave or Treo Central protectors. Mostly because I was able to install the boxwave/treocentral very quickly after removing the protective cover.

    Also... the Martin Fields cover didn't come with a card or dust cloth, like the Boxwave covers.

    I would tend to go with Boxwave, myself, except that I don't really like Boxwave as a company. They haven't helped me in the past with defective merchandise. They also tend to price things very high compared to other companies.
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    I find it hard to imagine something clearer than the Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal screen protectors. The texture for writing with a stylus is superb IMHO. These things are a matter of taste though.

    It's the second time I read something about their customer service on this forum...
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    The boxwave I used on my 700 that came from my 600 looked terrible. The Fields one is great and improves the screen.
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    TIP: To simplify installing the Martin Fields, make a loop of tape with the sticky side out. Stick it to the side that faces out and put your finger through the loop. Now remove the protective film from the bottom and install the Martin Fields with your tape finger.

    I also read a suggestion here to do it near a sink running hot water. The hot water is supposed to weigh down any dust particles and keep them off your screen.
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    what kind of tape?

    I tried everything. The only one that worked was some packing tape.

    I tried removing the dust with the tape. no luck. then cleaning with water. no luck. I think I scratched the inside when I was separating the backing because the tab wasn't correct. Anyway.. I sent Overlays an email. I guess I'll see if their customer service is any better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mogulman View Post
    I guess I'll see if their customer service is any better.
    Yeah, keep us posted. Good customer service on these expensive screen protectors would make some of us rest easier and feel more inclined to order them. That's why I ordered three Boxwaves; I have a tendency to lose patience and mess up on this type of thing.

    The running water technique that stroths mentioned above works very well by the way.
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    I like the clearness but do not like the fact they do not exactly fit the 700p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd View Post
    I like the clearness but do not like the fact they do not exactly fit the 700p.
    The Martin Fields don't fit exactly?
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    The Martin Fields' fit my 700p exactly. I assume you could argue that they do not extend beyond the screen and slide under the Treo frame but I think they would be impossible to install if that were the case.
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    Martin Fields did send me a replacement. This one was set up correctly. I installed it in 2 minutes and is working great. Can't really tell if its any clearer then the Boxwave Crystal Cleartouch.
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    You might want to measure carefully...the Treo display is slightly wider than it is high IIRC, so there is an orientation to the protector. You ask how I found this out? :-)
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    That comment was for rcyphermd...
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