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    Well yesterday I couldn't log onto the internet -- kept getting a PPP Timeout Error. I called Verizon and they said they will escalate it to a trouble ticket, but if that doesn't fix it then I have a faulty device. GREAT!

    This morning it still didn't work, I called in and they had to reprovision my account and then it finally worked. For a moment I thought I had yet a 4th defective unit and was already thinking of what to say to the Verizon store manager when I got there, but fortunately that wasn't required.

    All of the units that were bad had warranty dates of 5/19/06, including the good one I have now. By the way, if you're bothered by the pink keyboard, good luck taking it back. I had to argue with the manager before he would accept the exchange. Apparently it's not considered a "defect", but if you scream you'll get your way. I'd say that if it doesn't bother you that much, and have an otherwise usable and pleasing device, just let it slide. Odds are against you getting a good unit the next time around that doesn't have some other problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyS
    Apparently it's not considered a "defect", but if you scream you'll get your way..
    If I were the store manager, I would have asked you to take your business elsewhere. No amount of money is worthy of puting up with this kind of BS.
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    "Then my first treo met the tiles in the sheetz gas station which caused the dpad among other buttons to stop working so I exhanged that one for the 5th treo which I believe is much better than my first in both color and hissing."

    Funny, this happened to me just last night and I exchanged it for a new 700 this morning. The thing is, for whatever reason, I had a run of bad luck with this Treo since I got it, and it took a number of falls on some really hard surfaces. All of which only left some scuff marks to show for it. But last night I was out with some friends and someone bumped into me and knocked my Treo out of the holster. Probably the softest fall it had since I got it. But I picked it up and the DPad as well as just about every other key on the keyboard no longer worked. Ironic.

    I was past my 30 day exchange period but luckily there is an agreeable and understanding manager at the Verizon store where I made my purchase. There was some incorrect account provisioning on my Treo when I bought it and after a few hours on the phone with the clueless data support people, and another trip to the store, this particular manager was able to figure out what the problem was. When he fixed it he apologized for the inconvenience and told me if I ever needed anything to come see him.

    Well 45 days later I needed someone to help me out and bend the rules on the 30 day exchange policy. He didn't blink an eye and sent me out with a brand new 700p. Hopefully I have better luck with this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome
    If I were the store manager, I would have asked you to take your business elsewhere. No amount of money is worthy of puting up with this kind of BS.
    EXCUSE ME???

    When I drop $600 for a PDA device, it better be damn near perfect. Thank god you're not a Verizon manager -- you would have no business in your store and would lose your job in very short order.

    I consider a discolored keyboard a defect, especially when the floor model was pretty much perfect, and I was also within my 15 day "return for any reason" trial period. The manager could have argued with me until the cows came home about whether or not it was technically a defect, but ultimately if he didn't exchange it then I would have returned it for a refund anyway.

    I bought a $2,000 Apple Cinema HD Display a couple of years ago from an Apple reseller in Seattle. I brought it home, fired it up, and there was a smudge of dirt inside the LCD panel! I took it right back, within 2 hours, and was told by the store manager that "it would have to go back as a warranty repair and that it could not be exchanged." So if you were in my shoes, what would you have done -- said okay, ma'am, I'll wait 2 weeks for you to repair the defective monitor I just bought from you 2 hours ago? No way... I made a big fuss and went home with another brand new monitor that was perfect because I took it out of the box and looked at it before bringing it home.

    A lot of times stores take the easy way out, and consumers need to fight for what they want. That's not "BS", that's called getting what you paid for.
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    I'm on my third 700P now. First and second had problems with slowness, orange / brownish screen tint, etc.. This third one has no slowness or lag problems at all even with all my apps. installed. The screen is the same nice, white like my previous 650. The keyboard LEDs are of a very light sea green / blue color. I was fine with everything, but after getting to use it heavily for the past week, I've found that some of my keys especially those on the bottom right (menu key is one of them) creak and squeak whenever I press them. It kinda bugs me and I'm thinking about exchanging it yet again.
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    Just ordered my 5th unit - the last one had a pink keyboard backlight and the matt-finish that is applied to the shiny metallic faceplate was crooked (if you look at the edges of the faceplate, they are shiny and both left and right should be equal; mine was far over to one side, so the right boarder was much wider than the left border).
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    The problem is that you will encounter resistance exchanging a device for creaky or discolored keys -- that has been my experience. You can try, but you may have to put up a fuss to get what you want. If there is anything else wrong with your system, like random bluetooth disconnects indicating a radio problem (hint) or similar, you will have an easier time exchanging.
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    anybody got a picture of a pink keyboard lighting?
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