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    I keep getting this HotSync error message whenever I use the Voice Memo app on the Treo:

    Voice Memo conduit cannot synchronize with the Voice Memo database on the Handheld, because the version of the database on the Handheld or the desktop does not match that expected by the Voice Memo conduit.
    Failed Voice Memo (0xffffffff)

    This happened both in Palm HotSync and now with Missing Sync as well.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this?


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    I have the same problem, but haven't got it figured out yet.
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    I have a similar problem and also get a very gerneric - media synchronization failed. I saw some references in other threads/forums that seem to indicate that ia clean install is needed, not only on the device but also the desktop so in addition to a HARD Reset it might be required to uninstall/remove/delete the Palm applications and directories. I have not tried it yet but may need too.

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    I had the exact same problem with my mac, and was only fixed after a hard reset.
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    It'll come back when you create another Voice Memo, I'm afraid... at least, it did for me. Must be a bug.

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