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    In my search for a bluetooth phone headset with which I can listen to music in one ear, I have come across the nXzen plus 5500.

    It claims to be compatible with the 700p, and it also claims to have our a2dp for use with our SAG

    However, we know that there are a lot of problems with supposedly compatible bluetooth headsets working with the 700p.

    Has anyone used this NxZen Plus 5500 with their 700p? Comments? Opinions? Problems? Ears burned off? Dropped calls? Calls not coming in properly when you're listening to music?

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    wow. Nevermind on this. I discovered that while it's got a BT connection for the phone calls, to listen to music, it has to be plugged in via this strange contraption that comes with it where you've got a Y-wire, one end plugs into the BT headset, one end goes in the other ear, and the other end hooks to your audio source. So, yeah, no go.

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