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    I thought I would ask the experts here.

    With EVDO, has anyone created a SIMPLE todo application (kinda like that SYNCs back to a website

    In this way when you are by any internet connected computer you can use that service - and when you are not, you can use the palm ?

    Personally, I think that all the applications should work exactly like that...

    If you know of anything that does this - PLEASE let me know

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    This site lists/compares several on-line to-do lists.

    I'm not sure I understand the issue though. Presumably you have web access from your Treo, so you can use any online app - either from the Treo or from a PC. If your looking for a Treo app that resides on the Treo and synchs back to a website, I found this app:

    It's for student coursework, but you might be able to modify or add lists. Not sure if you have to be a student or enrolled. There's an annual subscription price, too.
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    What a fabulous link. Palm is in danger of all its main applications being replaced.

    Remember the Milk is the task manager for me
    With remote access via web browser
    And email a new task to the list

    I don't even need a built-in application from Palm at all!

    Thanks a bunch!

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