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    I searched all the palm os app threads. I am looking for a program that will take a photo every hour and uploads (or email) the photo via the sms system or the data link of the phone. It would be nice if I could trigger the photo via an sms message.

    Has anybody seen anything like this ? I am considering getting the codewarrior development environment for PalmOS and writing this app myself if there is much interest.
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    Why every hour?

    However; an app to auto send pics u take would be cool.
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    I beta-tested the app for a while, it worked pretty well.
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    If the phone is lost or stolen, I am wondering if the camera might be helpful in finding out where the phone is. One might use the Treo as a remote camera to do remote observation.
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    Could be but i dont see it being very successful.

    Its either going to be in some one pocket / bag, so you going to get nothing at all from the pic, or if your lucky enough to catch it when their using it to talk on the phone (which is the only time you will get an ok picture, as it will be on a desk etc) I dont think you would be able to tell where it is unless you know your area like the back of your hand.

    And its not hard for someone to find out how to hard reset the thing it is.
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