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    I got a replacement 700P today. I returned my old one with hope that the new one wouldn't suffer so badly from the slowness problem we've all been experiencing.

    Well, I got the new one in today. The screen is more blue-ish just like my last 700P and my old 650, BUT the keyboard backlighting has this greenish-blue hue. I think it kinda looks cool. Anyone else have a 700P like this?
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    byte me!!!! I have been trying to get one of those for weeks! my wife has one and it blows mine away. they keep telling me to come back and check with their next shipment. oh well.. where did u get the replacement phone from? retentions or the store.
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    any pictures of that blue-green keyboard?
    i am returning my phone to sprint because of a squeaky keyboard and flickering screen...and want to see how the other color is like....

    could the blue-green be a defect?
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    I got mine from Palm. I sold my 650 and some other stuff and bought my original 700P from Palm. The one I have now with the blue-green keyboard lighting is my 3rd 700P.

    I'll take some pics. tonight when it's nice and dark and the keyboard lighting should show better.

    Even if this shade or hue is defective, I'm keeping it. I like how it looks. The closest color I can think of to it is when they show underwater ocean shots on TV. It's the same blue green color as the ocean.

    I've been lucky because none of the three I've had have had any dead pixels. The first had the orange tint though.

    I'd also like to add that my newest 700P is the only one I've had so far that doesn't have squeaky application / power / green key(s).

    My previous 700Ps all had warranty dates of 06-08-2006 (found when going to the phone app. then dialing ##786#). My newest one is 06-11-2006.
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    so your got your 700p replaced via palm under the warranty?
    what problems were the first two giving you?
    and did they send you a brand new one as your replacement?

    patiently awaiting for the pics!

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    Can't wait to see pics!
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    my current treo has the orangish hue to it. retentions put a note on my account that I can exchange it. I have been back to the sprint store three to four times to exchange it (every time a new shipment comes in). each phone they show me (they only open 1 phone out of each shipment) has the same orangish hue to it.. one was close but the sales guy said that he didn't think it was good enough and told me to wait for the next shipment. so here I am... still waiting.. I want my wifes phone. it is so much better than mine.

    looking forward to seeing those pics!
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    my warranty date is 5-11-06 pure white light.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wareynolds
    my warranty date is 5-11-06 pure white light.
    interesting... mine is 5-11-06 also but mine is orangish.
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    My new 700p has vile white light. I want blue-green!
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    Where's the pics? I'm dying to see this...
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    hmmm..this gives me an idea. I've opened up my phone before so I think my next project is puting a colored film right under the rubber pad and make my keypad blue.
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    What is everyone talking about.....I'm ordering a Treo next week and I want to see what I need to look for
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    Made this just for fun...I'm Kermit

  15. #15 had me at "worthless"
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    my brothers old T650 has the blueish green keyboard... i think it looks sub-par compared to a WHITE light.

    ..thats just my opinion though/
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    Ok, sorry guys. I am going to post the pics., but my sis turned 21 yesterday so she borrowed my digicam to take with her to the clubs. It's almost 1am PDT and she's still out. I just got home from work.
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    I know that this is not my thread but I will try to post a pic of my phone next to my wifes phone. just to prove I am not insane.
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    Ok, here are the pics.. The screen and keyboard lights are at the lowest setting. They didn't turn out too well. You can't really see the greenish blue tint of the keyboard's lights.
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    mine looks just like that....hhmm

    btw, that skin looks nice. imma pick one up!
    where did you get it?
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