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    I have a friend who is using BCPE on his home PC to send and receive mail with his Treo 650. I installed the BCPE software and configured both it and the Treo. For the first three weeks or so everyting was fine and he was able to send and receive with his Treo just fine.

    Recently he was notified by his ISP that the BCPE software was polling his mailbox too often. They said it was checking for new mail once every minute. This wasn't a problem if there happend to be ne mail in his mail box, but if there wasn't BCPE was keeping that session open and then establishing a new one the next minute. Basicly they cut off access to his mailbox because the BCPE client software was behaving badly.

    We've spoken to Sprint tech support and they were of no help.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the frequency at which the BCPE client polls the ISP?

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    I don't know how to change the frequency of the polls, but you can change the settings to a scheduled sync - either the smart power sync or the custom settings for weekdays and weekends.
    Check under Preferences and then Schedule. Hope that might help your friend out.

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