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    I, like many other, love my week old 700P. But, also like others, am very unhappy about battery life. Moderate phone and internet user and can just barely get through a long day.

    In the 650 Blazer, there was a menu option to "disconnect". I don't see it in the new one. Does that mean that it is always looking for a connection, using battery?

    If I log on to the network (VZW) from Blazer, then go to Snapper and disconnect, it definetely does disconnect, 'cause when I back to Blazer it goes through the reconnect thing again.

    I could live with an extra five seconds to connect to the net if it means saving battery.
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    Indeed the network disconnection time on the 700p takes a long time. I experienced the same issue on my sprint version of the phone. I connected with blazer, and it never disconnected, and my phone battery drained very quickly. Treo helper used to work on my T600, and would disconnect the data network connection after a specified amount of time, but it does not work on the 700. In the interim, I found a freeware program that allows you to manually disconnect the data connection called reset netlib.

    Load it on your phone, and map it to a hard key (I mapped it to my key on the side of the 700p). Now when I am done with using the network I launch it, and disconnect. Works great until someone comes up with a revised program that will disconnect the data network after a set period of no use.

    The file is attached. Hope it helps. If anyone else knows of a program that will automatically disconnect the data network after a set time of non-use, I would love to also know about it.

    Good luck.
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    I emailed the developer or Treo600 connection manager. I also used that program on my 600, and it worked great. You could even program it to drop the network connection on a particular program after a specific period of time. Hope the Treo600 connection manager developer emails me back. I will keep all posted. Would love to see a program that works on the 700p developed that would allow the data network to drop after a specified period of time.

    If you disconnect from the network you really save on battery life.

    Any takers, come on programmers how about it.
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    As an alternative, try "NetConnect DA" at I first started using this on my Kyocera 6035. And use "RunDA" to create apps from DAs:

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    l haven't used this but in Prefs/Network there is a "Disconnect" button...

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