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    I know someone discussed this somewhere but haven't been able to find it by searching.

    When I turn on my 700p's screen the resolution seems to be low resolution /having lines running through the graphicss for a second then returns to normal. It only happens for less then a second. Almost like its waking from sleep mode.

    I don't remember noticing this on my old, defective 700p, but definitely notice it on this new one.

    Are others experiencing this? Is it normal? Is it a sign of a future hardware issue? I would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences. Fixes?
    It doesn't bother me as is, I just want to make sure the thing isn't going to junk out on me after 15-30-60days... Otherwise I am extremely happy with it.
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    I get the lines on the screen for a fraction of a second on my 700p when turning it on sometimes. It is so fast I was wondering if it was just me or if there really is an issue.

    I have since heard that just about everyone with a 700p has experienced the same thing. I've had mine since June 2 and it is otherwise working fine, so I'm not thinking that it is on its way out or anything.
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    I have the same thing with mine. It's almost like an old interlaced monitor then it goes away. In bright sunlight you can see it all the time though.
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    I had severe lines even when it was under normal use so I exchanged it thinking it was a defective Treo. A few days later the new Treo arrived and it was doing the same thing, but only when I was powering on the Treo. This seems to be true for Sprint Treos. I saw a Verizon Treo at a local store and it didn't have the lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rezdog
    I have the same thing with mine. It's almost like an old interlaced monitor then it goes away. In bright sunlight you can see it all the time though.
    I get this exactly as you describe it... no other issues though.
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    Should get a Mod to merge with this thread.
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    Yes it occurs on the VZW 700p as well. I agree -- it's more like an interlaced monitor effect rather lines running through the display. It only happens for about a second and it's more noticeable when the screen has been off for awhile. Not a big deal -- it's not as bad as it sounds. In fact, I'm sure some people might not even notice. Back in the interlaced monitor days, I could see the "lines", which would give me headaches, but others couldn't even see them, even if they stared at the monitor.
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    I get it too and also a slight pinkish tone.... Must be a cheaper quality screen or less power avalible to power it.

    I am going to swap out a nice screen from my 650 to see if it goes away.
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