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    I like to be able to roam free while using my bluetooth headset. I briefly had a Treo 650 and when paired with my Motorola 820 I could not go beyond 5 Feet!! simply aweful. This same headset with my Audiovox smt5600 was good for about 25 feet and perfectly clear.

    I am hoping to find a BT headset for the 700p that can get close to this distance. Does anyone have a recommendation?

    Are different headsets more/less compatible with certain phones?

    Thank for your help.
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    The distance with my Sony Ericsson HBH-662 is just as good as it was with my 650, around 30 feet, into next room, even. The problem (as with so many) is it doesn't always maintain the connection. Sometimes I have to tap the button to connect.
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    Yeah, I agree about the HBH-662. It had the best distance of any BT headset I've had. The Palm Bluetooth headset only works like 5 feet away, it seems. Oh well, the price I pay for one power adapter.

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    Thank you for the advice guys. I will look into a 662 tomorrow.
    I appreciate your time.

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