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    Hey there Treo Centralers,

    I'm having a weird problem with my 700p. Every once in a while, my Treo will fail to recognize my SD card. When I tap on "Card Info", the card still shows up but the name of the card isn't there. I eject the card and reinsert it, and the name shows up again (along with all the pictures I took with the included camera earlier).

    Anyone had this problem? How did you fix it?
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    I wonder if you're SD card slot is hosed up, or perhaps you're knocking it out when you have the Treo in your pocket, or whatever. Do you use a case or holster that puts pressure on the SD card?

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    My case doesn't cover the top of my Treo, and reinserting the card always fixes the problem. This is getting to be pretty annoying!
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    This has been a problem that has been reported in these forums previously. The most likely problem is related to a software issue with the phone. You should do a search and I doubt it will be due to the card reader in the phone. Some have had problems with the formatting of the card and this problem was corrected by backing up the card, reformatting in the T700 and then restoring the card.

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