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    I have owned all of the treo products and have noticed a trend. Palm increments the OS rev when they put out a major ROM update. Well the 700p is already at 5.4.9. Since they dont name their OS's with minor rev numbers IE 5.4.9-1, the next rev is going to be 5.5. That is a major revision. I am wondering if Palm didnt put 5.4.9 on these things knowing full well that once they make a bug fix rev and go to 5.5, that they would make some major changes to the OS, maybe even Linux. Hear me out this is all speculation, but what better market to try it out on then the US CDMA Treo Market. They are a smaller group and tend to be really plugged into the workings of the Treo, IE if there are bugs they find em right away. If Palm were to release 5.5 based on Linux, it may boost sales of 700p devices, and we would find the bugs, so that when palm releases the GSM versions for the rest of the world, they would have solid products to market to the majority of cell phone users.

    Or maybe I am just an uber geek and want linux on my smart phone
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    I think that's a pretty big fantasy... As much as I would like it, Palm never gives existing devices that big of an upgrade.

    If anything, I think it bodes badly for the likelihood of updates in general.
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    Your sheets were major soaked when you awoke...
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    Learn to count.. 7.. 8... 9.... What is next?
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    i wanna drink the water he is.
    yes there will be an update proabably
    I doubt we will see linux soon. someday yes but not soon
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    Linux is a major OS migration, which will get a version 6 designation.

    5.5 would denote an incremental update. I also suspect that the Linux OS will require some different internal workings, perhaps a different CPU or other support chips in order to run smoothly. I also wouldn't buy the first rev. of the Linux OS on Palm since it will have a plethora of bugs and very little software (unless it ran current PalmOS apps under emulation).

    There's no reason why an incremental update to the 700p couldn't be labeled 5.5, or even 5.4.9 Update 1.
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    That's what many development shops do for the minor revisions. You're not limited to 1 digit.
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    right but in palms history, they don't use the minor rev number. as far as needing different hw to run linux, I doubt it. I am/was a longtime Zaurus user and they have ported their version of Linux to similar if not the save internal components. One last thing, in the world of Palm a 5.X upgrade is considered a "major" uprage. Think Apple, they do it the same way.

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