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    I have been using the Cardo 500 for nearly a year. It has been mostly a postive experience, but the one area I would like to improve is my outgoing voice quality. I find many times when talking in the car (primary place I need my headset) I get requests to speak up or complaints that I cannot be understood... lots of background noise.

    So... i started looking for something with a better microphone. Today I decided I was going to try the Sony HBH-300 only to find it is discontinued and not available. I read a lot of positive reviews in regards to sound quality and I think that has a lot to do with the long boom.

    Now... I'm back to searching for a good headset to use in the car at 80mph. I'm on the interstate several hours a day and need something that will allow me to make clear calls without the person on the other end fighting background noise to hear the conversation.

    I've looked at the nokia bh-900 (wow... $120.00!!!) and the Plantronics 510. Both have a longer boom.

    Any other suggestions or input?
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    Ok... I'm still interested in feedback on options for the best sound quality headset.

    BUT... I just checked out Ebay and I may be able to get a decent Sony HBH-300. I haven't done a lot with ebay, so really didn't think of that in my first post.

    Those of you who have the HBH-300, any thoughts on my concerns in my first post? Would you recommend the HBH-300?

    Thanks for all your help!
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    The bh-900 is about 70 bucks now.

    It is the best sounding BT headset.
    Period. I've tried about 30 different ones. The sliding boom mic make all the difference.
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    I thought that the BH-900 sucked. Period.

    The AX2 Pro is better in every way than the BH-900. The Nokia has zero incoming volume and the fit is below average. With an AX2 Pro, you get better outgoing sound, much better incoming sound and much better comfort with the stock earsprings or Jabra eargels.
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    2 wks ago I did back to back tests with an AX2, BH900 and 510.

    results according to the voicemails I left myself, and other tests...

    best mic: BH900, AX2, 510 (510 is 6mo old and has clogged windsmart, otherwise would have beaten the AX2)

    best speaker: 510, AX2, BH900 (BH did not properly place speaker over my ear canal, thus I couldn't hear, though there was ZERO static. AX2 was not as loud nor comfortable as 510)

    Lastly, the BH900 would not stay paired with my Treo 650. Unacceptable.

    Now, I've converted my 510 to a "510 pro" by grafting on an ETY boom mic. HANDS DOWN the best bluetooth earbud I've ever used (I conduct business via cell and I've tested quite a few). It's not too hard a conversion if you're good with tools, a solidering station with adjustable heat, and are willing to do some surgery.

    Otherwise, you can buy from this guy:
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    A 510 Pro or an AX2 Pro (much smaller than the 510) are both great headsets.

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