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    So far I have performed at least 3 hard resets on my 700p, meanwhile I am really about to get rid of this phone, something I seriously dont want to do.

    Twice I have gone to save a WordToGo or Native Microsoft Word file, while using DocumentsToGo (the latest updated version), and instead of saving the file the phone goes into a reset loop that only a hard reset will fix. A normal reset with the reset button does nothing to get it out of the loop.

    Has anyone had this specific experience with DocumentsToGo? Could it be a DocumentsToGo problem or just another 700p bug?

    I would really appreciate some opinions about this matter. I am a marriage family therapist trainee and twice I have lost important client data because of these resets.
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    I had this same problem its well known you need to go to dataviz and in their search type "reset" there is a fix for it you will have to download it to your phone its called data tech or just call dataviz and they will walk you through it.
    and you dont have to get rid of the treo . its a fixable problem.
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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